Wedding Questionnaire
I’m excited to get things going!

Below are a couple of questions regarding the actual day of your wedding just to smooth
things out a little, & just so that I can basically be a fly on the wall and not bother anyone or
make you stress with details that you do not have to stress about on this special day.

If there are any questions that we have already discussed, please feel free to ignore these questions.
If you have any additional information that I did not cover with these questions, please feel free to mention those as well.
Submit Questionnaire
DONE! Thank you very much for submitting your wedding questionnaire. Every detail helps me to capture your perfect wedding film.
In your wedding film, the theme is intricately tied to the backtracks I select. Pop Culture Cinematic involves incorporating popular music tracks into the edit. These tracks may not always be radio hits, but they resonate with contemporary sensibilities.
On the other hand, Ambient Cinematic introduces a more classical ambiance. The backtracks here lack lyrics and evoke emotions through their melodies and harmonies, creating a timeless and elegant atmosphere.
Feel free to explore the video examples below to experience each theme firsthand.
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